T-Ball Division

The T-Ball Division is designed for 5 to 6 year olds who want to learn the basic fundamentals of baseball.

5 year olds may register in either the T-Ball or Blast Ball Divisions. It is recommended that 5 year olds with no previous baseball experience register for Blast Ball.

6 year old players who have played one year of T-Ball and are capable of catching, throwing, and hitting a ball not on a tee may be eligible to evaluate for the Rookie Ball Division. Please see additional information on the "Rookie Ball Division" description page.

The primary goal of T-Ball is to get children interested in the game of baseball while teaching them the fundamentals of baseball - hitting, throwing, catching, running and fielding. There is also a focus on experiencing the value of teamwork.

Team sizes in T-Ball range from 9 to 12 players and 2-3 coaches. Everyone bats each inning with players rotating fielding positions. T-Ball games are 3 innings long. During a game, there are SAFEs and OUTS on bases, but there are no scores kept in the T-Ball Division. Coaches are allowed on the field to assist the players with hitting and fielding.

Sessions are a combined practice and game. 2 teams are scheduled at each diamond.
Parent duties consist of raking the field before and after each game, and managing the kids in the dugout.
"Teammate" and "Sibling" requests for team placement are accepted in the Blast Ball and T-Ball Divisions.
Where do you play?
  • Jeannie Elliot (A&B) - 3031 Lindsay Drive SW
  • Glendale - Glenmount Dr SW & Gatefield Ave SW
  • Connect Charter School (A&B) - 5915 Lewis Dr SW,
  • St Thomas - 45 St SW & 25th Ave SW
When do you play?
Sessions take place on Tuesday and Thursday at 6:00 - 7:30 PM from April 30th to June 25th.
What equipment is required?
  • T-shirt, pants and cap are supplied by CWLL and are kept by the player.
  • Batting helmets, bat, tee, balls and bases are provided by CWLL.
  • All players must supply their glove.
  • All players must supply and use groin protection.
What are the fees?
  • $125 per player plus $25 field maintenance fee for total fees of $150.
  • Family discount: 2nd child is $25 off; 3rd child is $25 off; and 4th child is $40 off.
  • Financial assistance with registration fees is offered by KidSport at www.kidsport.ab.ca please visit their website to determine eligibility.
  • Online registration is available commencing on January 1.

If you are interested in coaching T-Ball, please identify this on the online registration form or contact the T-Ball Division Coordinator at [email protected]


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Calgary West Little League (CWLL) is a volunteer run organization. Parent participation is essential to ensuring that the baseball program is successful and registration fees are kept reasonable. Head coaches, coaches, parent managers, umpires and league officials are all volunteers. Volunteer Today!

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